Versapak combine sustainability and charity with nationwide efforts

Published: 26-Jan-2024

Versapak have made conscious steps to aid UK charities through their donation of end of life and recycled items

Versapak have recently enhanced efforts to improve their manufacturing sustainability and reduce production waste by supporting worthy causes.

As part of their Recycle your Versapak Scheme, Versapak take back end of life Versapak products and either recycle the material to make groundsheets or donate the bags to charity.

December was a busy month for the scheme as hundreds of groundsheets and bags were donated to needy charities.

Versapak has partnered with Beat My Addictions, a charity supporting homeless people on the streets of London. They do this by donating rucksacks and sleeping bags to those who require them, as well as offering them their time and non-judgemental attention.

In this joint effort, Versapak have provided Beat My Addictions with waterproof groundsheets, allowing them to distribute them to those who need it the most. 

Another scheme to aid the homeless that Versapak have immersed themselves in is with Shrewsbury Ark, a charity devoted to providing basic facilities such as hot meals, clothing, toiletries and sleeping bags to people living on the streets in Shrewsbury, UK. They donated groundsheets to this charity too, which the charity could then distribute to the population.

Versapak also provided bags to Advance Charity, an organisation supporting women and girls who have experienced domestic abuse. Through this scheme, women can feel safe, receive support and pursue justice. 

Through Versapak's collaboration with various charities, they can help vulnerable members of society that need it most whilst augmenting their manufacturing sustainability and positive global impact. 

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