A bronze beginning with infinite possibilities

Published: 23-Nov-2023

At Nipro Medical Europe, sustainability is not just a buzzword; it's a commitment to our present and a pledge to our future

We are both proud and humbled to announce that we have been awarded the bronze medal in the Ecovadis programme.

For many, obtaining a medal on a first-ever assessment might be a moment of glory. For us, it marks the beginning. 

A starting point to greater gommitments 

While we are joyful and proud of this initial achievement, we acknowledge that this is merely the inception of our long-drawn journey towards sustainability. It's our "point zero," a reference to determine our current standing, and to meticulously draft our action plans for the future.

Receiving the bronze medal on our first attempt is a testament to our dedication, but we're aiming higher. 

Action steps towards a sustainable future 

Our first actionable step has been initiated under the pillar of "sustainable procurement." We’re working on a questionnaire for our suppliers — not just to gauge their sustainability metrics but also to encourage their participation in Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) practices.

It's an endeavour to create an ecosystem that thrives on sustainable principles. 

But this is just the start. Detailed action plans covering Human Resources, Environment, and Business Ethics are in the pipeline. 

The importance of reporting 

One significant insight from our assessment is the realisation that we need to boost our reporting mechanisms.

While having stringent policies is commendable, consistent reporting of adherence and results is crucial. This gap in reporting is something we've taken to heart and are addressing even as you're reading; and, going forward, will continue doing. 

A transparent approach for a sustainable tomorrow 

Our journey towards sustainability is filled with challenges, but they are challenges we willingly accept. We believe in a transparent approach, which is why we invite our global network to openly view our corrective action plan on the Ecovadis platform.

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This transparency is not just for the sake of openness but for the 'greater good'. We are building not just for today, but for an infinite tomorrow, inspired by the very essence of our logo's infinity symbol. 

"I want to extend my deepest appreciation to our sustainability team for their unwavering commitment and dedication. Their hard work has brought us here, and I eagerly look forward to seeing our action plans unfold and take shape in the coming months," commented Serge Kemps, CEO.

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