‘Next generation’ capsule filling machine showcased by ACG

Published: 29-Nov-2023

ACG’s AF330 capsule filling machine for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical applications – prioritizing simplicity, safety, and efficiency in its design – is being displayed at CPHI and PMEC India 2023.

ACG a leading supplier of integrated manufacturing solutions to the global pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries, is set to unveil its next generation capsule filling machine at CPHI and PMEC India 2023.

ACG’s latest capsule filling machine is a customer-centric concept design, developed in ACG’s German R&D facility , that emphasises simplicity, safety, and efficiency. This design concept is an innovative solution that reduces maintenance costs and minimizes unplanned downtime. Tailored to meet the evolving needs of the pharmaceutical industry, it produces the highest amount of output with minimum footprint. The machine boasts its latest HMI (Human Machine Interface), design ensuring seamless and intuitive operation.

Reinforcing ACG’s commitment to make it better, one standout advantage of the AF330 is the elimination of risk of errors during setup, prioritizing safety and fostering a secure operational environment. The accelerated machine setup not only results in shorter downtimes but also translates to improved yields, providing customers with enhanced productivity. As an IIoT-enabled system, the AF330 facilitates tracking and online monitoring, enabling comprehensive machine health checks.

Karan Singh, Managing Director at ACG, said: “As we thrive to make it better for manufacturers in the pharmaceutical industry, this design ensures efficiency, minimal maintenance and speed - optimizing performance for manufacturers.”

He added: “A revolutionary step in capsule filling capability, it embodies the next generation of manufacturing excellence, setting new standards in efficiency and high productivity in smallest footprint. We are eager to showcase its groundbreaking features over the next few days.”

In addition to the company’s machinery capabilities, ACG will also showcase products and solutions across its capsules and packaging materials divisions – integrating speed and precision in manufacturing operations.

ACG will be exhibiting on stand RH.A01 in the Registration Hall.

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