Admix manufactures sanitary mixing equipment for all process levels within the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Delivering unsurpassed batch time speeds and a guaranteed consistent product, Admix is the market leader for mixing technology that will completely wet, disperse, emulsify, and rehydrate powders into liquids faster than any product in the marketplace

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A full range of mixer types are available including high shear and low shear batch mixers, inline emulsifiers, dispersers, and wet mills, low-speed large capacity agitators, powder induction & dispersion systems, static mixers, and more. Admix builds its mixers to the highest quality standards, and guarantees scale up guaranteed with a process assurance warranty program.

Mixers are constructed of FDA-approved materials, 3-A certified, and comply with strict cGMP requirements. Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT), QA and full validation documentation packages are available upon request.

Admix has the technology, applications expertise, and understanding of APIs that together, can improve production times, reduce horsepower, and optimise capital costs. Whether you are making complex emulsions, dispersing stabilisers or active pharmaceutical ingredients, or performing simple liquid blending, we can help. Admix equipment is designed for easily inducting and dispersing your powder ingredients, and creating homogenous, stable emulsions. Admix technologies have been used to successfully process vaccines, oral suspensions, saline solutions, antacids, syrups and elixirs, nutraceuticals, tablet coatings, gel caps, and therapeutic creams.

Below is a list of featured Admix mixing equipment:

Rotosolver® High Shear Mixer

The Rotosolver high shear in-tank mixer is designed to improve your process without sacrificing product quality. No other in-tank mixer wets and disperses powder faster or more effectively. The Rotosolver provides complete dispersion of powders, gums, and stabilisers in just a few minutes. A wide range of sizes are available from lab scale to full production sizes. Our patented Rotosolver mixers are CIP, constructed of FDA-approved materials, 3-A certified and comply with strict cGMP requirements. Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT), QA and full validation documentation packages are available. Visit for a customised quote or demo, or to learn about free lab testing.



Benchmix® Laboratory Mixers & Pilot Plant Units

The Benchmix® series of laboratory mixers are ideal for product development, simulation, formula optimisation and scale-up needs. Benchtop units range in batch capacity from .25-5 gallons/1-19 litres, while batch capacities for pilot plant floor models (the RS-02 and XP-02) are 5-20 gallons/19-76 litres. Benchmix mixers deliver predictable, repeatable results when scaling up with Admix production size mixers.



Rotomixx® Batch Mixer

The Rotomixx® is a sanitary stainless-steel heavy-duty mixer. It is available as a portable clamp mount, a fixed-mount (for flange, nozzle or baseplate installations), and as a sanitary ferrule mount for easy-off installations. It is known for its ease of installation, cost effectiveness and low maintenance design. Key features include 316 construction, 3-A 73-01 certification, double lip seals, optional seal plate for CIP or washdown applications.



Fastfeed® Powder Induction and Dispersion System

The Fastfeed® powder induction and dispersion system delivers controlled feed rates up to 500 lbs/minute, depending on the powder. This integrated, skid-mounted system uses a specially designed liquid ring pump and Admix’s Dynashear disperser technology for rapid incorporation and wetting out of difficult powders.



Dynashear® Sanitary Inline Mixer & Emulsifier

The Dynashear® is an inline disperser/emulsifier available in a lab size for product development, and production sizes, with the largest model providing a flow rate of up to 350 gallons per minute. Constructed of 316SS stainless steel, the Dynashear will blend, dissolve, deagglomerate, disperse, and emulsify a wide range of fluids and semi-fluids and is particularly effective for wetting out powders into a liquid. It features a first-in-class tandem head design, combining the benefits of both an axial and radial stage, creating excellent shear and flow characteristics.



Boston Shearmill® Wet Mill/Homogeniser for Particle Reduction

Available in all stainless steel, the Boston Shearmill® is a high shear wet mill for homogenising and reducing particle size. It provides very high throughput at high to extreme shear rates. This heavy-duty machine will mix, disperse, emulsify, pulverise, macerate, crush, homogenise, and reduce solids particles. It can withstand uneven flow patterns, bumps, jolts, or fluctuations in pressure.

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