AI shifting the pharma industry

Published: 18-Jan-2018

Intelligent automation is providing pharma and biotech companies, and their contract manufacturing partners, major gains with minimised risk compared with previous waves of automation

Are you aware that 94% of the pharma professionals surveyed in the AI 2020: The Future of Drug Discovery Report expect intelligent technologies to have a noticeable impact on the pharmaceutical industry during the next 2 years?

A new report takes an in-depth look at the intelligent enterprise investments, trends and challenges that are reshaping drug discovery and setting the stage for a manufacturing revolution.

We asked the following questions:

  • Which intelligent technologies will have the highest impact on your business?
  • Which intelligent tools are most organisations investing in?
  • What are the biggest barriers to investment?
  • Which parts of the preclinical and clinical stages in drug discovery will be most affected?
  • Will these cut or create jobs through 2020?

Hear from Merck, Medtronic and more as they discuss these topics at the Intelligent Automation in Pharma Forum this April (23-25) in Boston, MA, USA!

Our limited $995 introductory passes are expiring soon; make sure you purchase your pass to the event by Friday 19 January to get the lowest price possible!

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