Anachem’s PipetteChecker offers fast, easy validation

Published: 20-Apr-2011

Validate your pipettes from the comfort of your own laboratory

Routine checks on your pipettes performance are essential to maintain the integrity of your work. The PipetteChecker is a new useful tool provided by Anachem to help you carry out pipette validations quickly and easily in the comfort of your own laboratory.

It’s simple to use, all you have to do is visit and weigh a series of volumes of water dispensed from your pipette under known environmental conditions, and let Anachem’s on-line PipetteChecker do the rest.

The PipetteChecker performs a series of calculations and compares your data to the manufacturer’s expected range for your pipette, then it displays a detailed report for each pipette to show its performance and whether or not your pipette is within specification.

If the report displays that your pipette has failed, then you can simply send your pipettes straight into our UKAS Accredited Pipette Service Centre (1 & 2 Titan Court, Laporte Way, Luton, LU4 8EF) where they will give your pipette the attention it requires to bring it back to its optimum performance. Plus, as a user of the PipetteChecker you will receive an exclusive discount off the service and calibration for the pipettes that have been validated on-line.

For further information and to try out this extremely useful new feature, visit, email: or call us on +44 1582 456256.

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