For optimum PCR results choose 4titude FrameStrip tubes from Anachem

Published: 6-Apr-2011

Improved mechanical stability of the strip makes it easy and reliable to handle

Anachem now offers two-component PCR strip tubes that will enhance your PCR results. For optimum thermal transfer, 4titude FrameStrip has thin-walled polypropylene tubes. The combination of a frame portion moulded in a more rigid polymer, greatly improves the mechanical stability of the strip, making it easy and reliable to handle.

For QPCR and other optical assays, FrameStrips are available with white wells in black frames. The tubes are also available in five different coloured frames with clear tubes for colour coding your experiments; end tabs have been incorporated for easy handling and labelling. FrameStrips are available with domed cap strips or flat optically clear caps and are designed to fit all thermal cyclers.

For an endless supply of unique code combinations off-the-shelf 2-D bar codes are available; furthermore, a 2-D reader combined with the user-friendly software enables consistent and convenient sample management.

Anachem is offering special introductory prices for a limited time only – to take advantage of these please visit Alternatively for further information or a sample pack please phone +44 1582 455135 or email

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