Applied Cells releases game-changing reagent kits to empower cell therapy development

Published: 13-May-2024

Applied Cells is excited to announce the launch of its MARS® Ingenuity Reagent kits for fast and easy cell isolation. This innovative product line features both RUO and GMP-grade reagents, and has been specifically optimised for use on Applied Cells’ proprietary MARS® Bar platform. This winning combination offers an all-in-one package for high quality immunomagnetic cell isolation, supporting cell therapy development. 
The combination of high stability Ingenuity reagents and the high throughput MARS Bar system represents a cost-effective, end-to-end cell separation solution for developing CAR-T-based and monocyte-based CAR-macrophage therapies and cancer vaccines. The Ingenuity kits contain biodegradable 50 nm superparamagnetic beads conjugated with monoclonal antibody, and 4.5 μm superparamagnetic beads to suit varied isolation needs – such as CD4+, CD8+, CD14+ and CD3/28+ cell isolation. Developers can use the RUO reagent kits on the MARS® Bar Flex instrument to optimise their assets on a small scale, and then easily transition to using the GMP-grade reagents for cell manufacturing on the MARS Bar system with a single-use closed tubing set. Highly efficient immunomagnetic separation can be performed at up to 6 ml/min, and using the same platform and protocols ensures seamless process transfer and consistent performance at all development stages. The unique workflow offered by the MARS Bar and Ingenuity reagents reduces the time burden and capital spending, helping to achieve faster, more affordable therapy development and manufacturing scale-up.
The column-free MARS Bar system provides the flexibility to directly isolate cells from a variety of sample sizes and types – including leukopak, bone marrow and even whole peripheral blood – without extra washing steps. Removing additional processing enables researchers to achieve cell products with high purity, viability and recovery in a short space of time, helping to advance new therapies to market sooner. Users greatly appreciate being able to isolate cells directly from blood samples with the MARS Bar and Ingenuity line reagents, as the combination removes lengthy processing steps. This allows cells to be isolated on the same day samples are received for increased productivity, while demonstrating high inter-batch reproducibility.
The newly released MARS Ingenuity kits, developed in collaboration with T&L Biotechnology, offer a new option for cell therapy developers to accelerate the discovery of life-saving cell therapies. Applied Cells is committed to supporting its customers from small-scale assay optimisation to large-scale GMP manufacturing, and the company plans to bring additional Ingenuity line products for cell therapy to market in the future. 
Find out more about Applied Cells’ solutions for cell therapy applications on the website, or get in touch with a member of the team to discuss your specific reagent requirements. 

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