Asymchem and Snapdragon enter global partnership

Published: 15-Sep-2020

The investment partnership has provided funding for Snapdragon to complete its expansion plan to build cGMP drug substance manufacturing suites

Asymchem, a global CDMO service provider, has announced a strategic investment in Snapdragon Chemistry, a US chemical technology company focused on the design and development of efficient and sustainable manufacturing processes for pharmaceutical applications.

Asymchem led the investment round, along with the participation from Snapdragon's previous investors. The funding provides capital for Snapdragon to complete its expansion plan to build cGMP drug substance manufacturing suites.

"We are pleased to lead this investment round in Snapdragon to initiate our strategic collaboration," said Dr Hao Hong, CEO of Asymchem. "Asymchem's strong technical capabilities and late-stage CDMO services, coupled with Snapdragon's advanced flow chemistry technology and suite of CDO services, creates a synergistic partnership that will enable us to provide fully integrated CDMO services moving forward. We believe this funding will increase Snapdragon's large pharmaceutical and biotech client base and allow us to transition clients from Snapdragon's early-stage services to Asymchem for late stage manufacturing and commercialisation."

Matt Bio, CEO of Snapdragon Chemistry, added: "The combination of Snapdragon's technology and process development capabilities, along with Asymchem's expertise in clinical and commercial manufacturing will provide our clients with a complete solution to drug-development. The investment will also allow Snapdragon to accelerate the launch of a GMP manufacturing facility and continue to advance our technologies for process development."

This investment is another milestone in Asymchem's strategy of enhancing its integrated comprehensive service capability, improving its geographic footprint, and accelerating the delivery of an integrated service ecosphere for innovative medicines. As a CDMO service provider for over 20 years, Asymchem provides services to international and domestic markets and continuously expands its strategic reach.

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