B. Braun to invest another €1.6bn

Published: 6-Jan-2010

A new worldwide investment programme has been set up to build new production sites and to extend existing ones

B. Braun Melsungen has adopted a new worldwide investment programme worth €1.6bn for the period 2011 to 2014 to build new production sites and to extend existing ones. The projects in the current investment programme will probably all be finished by 2011. According to current plans, the new programme will begin in the same year.

It is planned, among other projects, to build a third Life factory and a new works council and company medical services building at the Pfieffewiesen premises in Melsungen. The existing parking garage will also be extended to accommodate the increased need. Further, since the laboratory is moving to a new central laboratory, the rooms at Stadtwaldpark, in which a large part of the laboratory has been housed so far, need to be converted for new use.

The investment programme is, however, not restricted to Melsungen. The location in Malaysia is to be renewed, a new factory for infusion solutions is to be built in Indonesia and the sites in Brazil and Argentina are to be expanded.

The term of the second investment programme cannot yet be named definitively because it is to be financed from the company’s operating cash flow. ‘We want to finance the planned projects ourselves,’ says Professor Dr Ludwig Georg Braun. ‘How quickly we are able to implement them depends on how successful the company is in the next few years.’

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