Bayer to implement Infor EAM at Bitterfield site

Published: 26-Nov-2020

Implementation will be handled by Infor partner Rodias

Infor will supply its enterprise asset management (EAM) system to Bayer at its business site at Bitterfeld, Germany. The solution is aimed to enable more proactive facility, utility, and asset management operations.

Since it will be deployed in a multi-tenant cloud environment, Bayer can integrate subcontractors’ company processes more easily.

Bayer wanted to increase the availability of production facilities and machines and reduce service and response times. Infor’s EAM will introduce predictive maintenance and is hoped to reduce costs. The solution is to be rolled out as a pilot project at the Bitterfeld site.

Infor's EAM solution will be integrated with Bayer's existing ERP system, so employees will be able to manage the lifecycle of all machinery. In the event of deviation from normal operation, the system will be flagged for preventive maintenance in real time. Faulty components can be identified by creating digital twins in 3D. After ordering the necessary spare parts, digital removal and installation aids support the process of replacing defective parts. Subcontractors can be connected to the digital process through a mobile solution for recording, documenting, and signing off maintenance, repair, cleaning, or inspection activities.

The ability to visualise the respective plants as digital twins and connect them to mobile devices was one of the key advantages of the Infor solution, the company says. Being able to maximise both the utilisation and reliability of the production facilities while extending their life is exactly in line with project goals of the pharmaceutical company.

“The pace of the market is picking up significantly in all sectors. Naturally, this will increase the demands for efficient production and the associated IT infrastructure in every company,” said Jörg Jung, Infor Executive VP EMEA. “By using Infor EAM, Bayer Bitterfeld expects to benefit from more transparency, control, and better decision-making options in production operations. As a result, the company is well equipped to improve the performance and efficiency of its sites.”

"Every large manufacturing company is exposed to a high risk in the event of a machine failure," says Michael Lex, Team Leader at Rodias and Project Manager for Bayer. "Innovative and advanced plant management systems reduce these risks by providing relevant information and thus ensuring greater transparency in decision-making in the event of a breakdown. A reliable EAM system speeds up the resolution of problems and thus minimises downtime and maintenance costs.”

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