Brenntag opens new life science facility in Spain

Published: 25-Oct-2013

Offers specialised storage vessels, mixing and blending facilities, a lab and a cleanroom

Brenntag, a global market leader in chemical distribution, has inaugurated a new facility in Granollers, Spain dedicated to the pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and food industries.

The new facility offers specialised storage vessels, mixing and blending facilities, an application laboratory, as well as a cleanroom for the packaging of pharmaceutical products within a controlled atmosphere.

The storage vessels consist of six stainless steel and nine fibre tanks with a total storage capacity of 390m3, which can hold products such as glucose, monopropylene glycol, fructose dilution and citric acid dilution.

'Two mixers for tailormade blendings and formulations together with an application laboratory in which quality controls of these blends can be checked on site are only one of many advantages for our customers offered by the new facility. With our specialised technical sales force and its state-of-the art technology, Granollers is a true centre of excellence,' says Frédéric Pierre, Regional Manager, Brenntag South Europe.

Brenntag expects the site to be certified to ISO 22000, a special certification for food safety, within the remainder of the year. The facility is already certified with ISO 9000:2000 and ISO 14001.

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