Cell Therapy Catapult and TrakCel to collaborate on three year research project

Published: 19-Jan-2015

Will test TrakCel technology in a GMP-compliant environment

The Cell Therapy Catapult, which aims to develop the UK's cell therapy industry, is to collaborate with Cardiff, Wales-based TrakCel, a provider of supply chain integration management technology for cell therapies, to test TrakCel’s technology in a GMP-compliant environment.

Over the next three years, each company will provide resources, facilities and personnel to form a project team. Beginning early this year, the Cell Therapy Catapult will provide advisory feedback and product enhancement input throughout the duration of the project to help TrakCel’s solution development in cell therapy planning, manufacturing, regulatory and clinical affairs.

TrakCel's technology is said to improve the cell therapy process by reducing the risks associated with disparate, paper-based systems. The information collected is expected to enable greater insight into clinical trial data and provide a foundation for regulatory audits.

The company will install a system at the Cell Therapy Catapult for the purpose of stress testing and analysis in a series of mission-critical situations including inbound/outbound logistics. The project will command a full cell process mapping exercise as well as training for Catapult analysts and experts.

The Cell Therapy Catapult will publish its initial findings as to the applicability of the TrakCel solution this autumn.

Keith Thompson, CEO of the Cell Therapy Catapult said: 'TrakCel is striving to improve the success of cell therapy processes by introducing an innovative approach to cell tracking and control technology that overcomes limitations of the existing industry methodology. Through providing access to our experts and facilities, we’re looking forward to jointly exploring its potential.'TrakCel's patented technology controls cell therapy processes from start to finish, to help assure patient safety, enable efficient clinical study and supply chain scale-up, provide multi-site standardisation and help drive clinical adoption. The technology provides instructions to professionals in the cell therapy process, and gives stakeholders visibility of all activities in the advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMP) supply chain from patient registration and collection of cells, through logistics, storage, processing of the cells in manufacturing and return delivery to the patient.

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