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Bormioli Pharma is an international health solutions provider, producing pharma primary packaging in glass and plastics. With a global presence in over 100 countries, the company counts more than 1,400 employees and 10 plants in Europe, specialized in the manufacturing of glass and plastic packaging for pharmaceutical, generics and biotech companies and CMOs. It is fully owned by the investment firm Triton, a pan-European investment fund, which invests in medium-sized companies all over Europe. Since the company has been acquired by Triton, in 2017, Bormioli Pharma has continued to grow and expand, always keeping in mind a single purpose: to put health in the hands of the world.


Bormioli Pharma

Bormioli Pharma is a leading pharma packaging manufacturer with global reach and operations across Europe, specialized in the production of containers for pharma use in molded glass, tubing glass, plastics, as well as a wide range of accessories, seals, rubbers and closures, becoming the one-shop company for the pharmaceutical industry. Each year, the company produces more than 7 billion pieces and in 2021 reported annual sales of approximately 260 million euros.

Product offer, providing a complete packaging solution for every need

The company has reformulated its product offer around the needs of specific segments: forTherapy, forHealth, forLife.

Bormioli Pharma

For therapy

Bormioli Pharma

Our Therapy Portfolio includes complete packaging systems designed for accuracy. Parenteral Systems, Oral Delivery Solutions and Ophthalmic Kits are among the solutions we have engineered for high added-value medicines.

  • 100% in-line controls, the purest materials and robust production processes: product perfection is the core of our Therapy portfolio.
  • Meticulous design, endless studying of mechanisms and expert drug-dosing logic make our products extremely reliable for professionals and ideal for enhancing patient adherence.
  • We go above and beyond packaging. We offer high-value services designed to support you and your business along the entire pharma value chain.

For Health

Bormioli Pharma

Our Health Portfolio includes easy-to-use, safe and effective packaging for everyday medications.

  • Material, size, neck-finish, shape: every single product in our Health portfolio has multiple configuration options and can be combined with many other products in the range.
  • Functionality, patient safety, drug protection – these are the goals we aim to meet when designing even the smallest details of our packaging solutions.
  • People’s needs and behaviours evolve rapidly. So do our Health products, which are constantly improved to make drug administration easier, faster and more intuitive.

For life

Bormioli Pharma

Our Life Portfolio includes smart packaging solutions for well-being products that help customers live their lives to the fullest.

  • Different lifestyles and ever-evolving consumer needs are the inspiration for our Life products, designed to improve people’s daily habits and routines.
  • Unique product concepts and fully-customisable product finishes: as we care about what’s inside our packaging, we also care about making it different.
  • What we use today should not impact our planet tomorrow: that’s why our Life products can also be crafted using eco-friendly materials.
Sustainability, a widespread, deep commitment towards industry, people and planet Bormioli Pharma

Thanks to many years of experience on sustainable materials, Bormioli Pharma is able to offer up to ten different low-impact product routes. Coming to recycled materials, in addition to a progressive increase in the share of recycled glass in its production, the company is able to offer plastic containers obtained from polymers from highly selected separate waste collection.

As far as bioplastics are concerned, Bormioli Pharma markets containers made from residual fibers such as sugar cane or corn starch, some of which are completely compostable.

Bormioli Pharma

Other solutions are currently being developed and tested, such as the creation of an innovative plastic created from the recovery of carbon emissions, also introducing eco-design guidelines, encouraging less use of virgin materials, simplification of components and enhanced recycling.

Bormioli Pharma has announced an ambitious goal to be the industry catalyst towards more responsible solutions: the company has committed to achieve the goal to use 50% sustainable raw materials, such as recycled plastic, bioplastics and glass from recycled sources, while manufacturing its products by 2025, tripling its current 16% use of materials with low environmental impact.

Innovation, an open, agile model for the evolution of the whole healthcare system Bormioli Pharma

Innovation is an important pillar of the collaborative approach proposed by Bormioli Pharma. For the company, innovation goes well beyond the walls of R&D departments, opening up to the contributions and ideas coming from start-ups, Research Centres, clients, suppliers and end users.

That’s why the company launched a couple of years ago Bormioli Pharma Invents, a program based on an Open Innovation approach. This model relies on some of the main drivers of change in the pharmaceutical primary packaging market: usability, connectivity, traceability and sustainability.

An open innovation approach is revolutionary for the pharma packaging industry. This means combining internal research capabilities assets with external contributors, building collaboration projects and identifying common ways to generate shared value.

Collaboration is the core of this open innovation ecosystem. Bormioli Pharma includes in its network internal and external stakeholders, also relying on specific Innovation Hubs and accelerators to stay on the edge of innovation.

Quality and Safety, essential preconditions for the pharma industry Bormioli Pharma

Bormioli Pharma has adopted a rigorous approach to quality and the quality culture is widespread in the Company. Quality Assurance and Quality Control teams have a strong pharma expertise and Good Manufacturing Practices trainings are held frequently. Other key elements contributing to the quality assurance are a high focus on process control, a qualified supply chain, a continuous technical improvement and support to the regulatory process.

The company is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 15378:2017 certified and the entire group is certified with integrated certification issued by BSI, one of the most important certification bodies at an international level. Moreover, the company gained ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certifications, which is the most important worldwide regulation related to the environment, occupational health, and safety management systems. Bormioli Pharma is registered with the main international control organizations and the products are in compliance with EP, USP and JP international standards.

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