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Qualicaps®, a Mitsubishi Chemical Holding Corporation company, has +125 years of experience as a company dedicated to manufacturing capsules. As such, we have a unique perspective on how to contribute to health for the benefit of the patients.

Qualicaps® delivers pharmaceutical-grade hard-two-piece capsules to the pharmaceutical industry, together with a comprehensive service along the product life cycle through our global team of commercial, scientific, and technical experts. We are a responsible company that takes pride in producing each capsule with the aim of offering specific and optimal solutions for drug delivery and overall health and wellbeing challenges.


Small choices make all the difference

Capsule core competency

As a business, what we think, envision, create, is born from the capsule.

Qualicaps® originated in 1897 within Eli Lilly & Co. as a capsule manufacturing plant in the company’s headquarters in Indianapolis, USA. Our century-long heritage within the pharmaceutical industry dictates a profound understanding of the needs of our customers, for whom we have focused on delivering at high-quality standards since the very beginning.

Qualicaps, a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation

Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation (MCHC) is a Japanese chemicals and healthcare business that aims to achieve a KAITEKI society, based on the Group philosophy “Good Chemistry for Tomorrow”.

At Qualicaps®, we do our part to contribute to health on a worldwide scale through the manufacture and supply of two-piece capsules and related equipment, offering a portfolio of:

  • Pharmaceutical-grade capsules
  • Capsules for Consumer Healthcare

Qualicaps and KAITEKI Culture

KAITEKI is the foundation of the Qualicaps® corporate culture and is at the core of our strategy, our management style, and our enterprise-wide responsibility. This concept, unique to Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation companies, and the way Qualicaps® integrates it into our day-to-day business differentiates us in the healthcare world, where our customers rely on ethical business partners.

KAITEKI essentially means a sustainable condition that promotes wellbeing for individuals, society, and the Earth, transcending time and generations. Qualicaps® integrates KAITEKI into the business as a value philosophy based on the management of three strategic pillars: economy, technology, and sustainability. Achieving KAITEKI is realized by contributing to the resolution of social and environmental issues through our products and services, and as such drives innovation.

Global presence and perspective

With capsule production centers located in Japan, Europe, the United States; and Brazil, Qualicaps additionally has the geographical reach necessary to service multi-national pharmaceutical customers, as well as local and regional ones.

Our expertise cultivated through the years and over geographical boundaries also affords the company insight into both existing and emerging markets, and thus the demands of cross-country compliance.

Looking forward to the future of healthcare innovation

Qualicaps® is responsible for several milestones in the history of hard capsule development within the pharmaceutical industry. We are a leader in being the first to design and implement features in two-piece hard capsules that are now so widely accepted and trusted, that they have since become industry standards:

  • In incorporating a self-locking structure to capsules
  • In applying the Rotoprint™ imprinting techniques
  • In creating a preservative-free formula in gelatin capsules
  • In bringing to the pharmaceutical market a capsule of vegetal origin
  • In producing a gelatin capsule for use in dry powder inhalers, then subsequently a hypromellose capsule with superior functional properties specific to inhalation
  • In developing and marketing a cellulose capsule with an extremely low moisture content specifically dedicated to hygroscopic and moisture-sensitive pharmaceutical drugs

By way of our rich history, knowledge, capabilities, global presence, and our KAITEKI values, we are leading the way for the next-generation capsule

Providing a dedicated service beyond the capsule

Qualicaps® differentiates itself by accompanying a customer’s chosen capsule product with the best comprehensive service. Our approach is to provide customers with the capsule they need and a knowledgeable and skilled team of experts to ensure its performance on all levels.

The Qualicaps® team combines an experienced manufacturing backbone, quality assurance authorities, knowledgeable commercial representatives, scientific experts, and technical production engineers, all of whom work towards the success of our customers.

Qualicaps product portfolio

Qualicaps® manufactures capsules for a wide range of formulation types ranging from dry powders and pellets to pastes and liquids. We produce high-quality pharmaceutical-grade capsules, and offer them in a wide range of sizes, colors, and printing options for your product to stand out in the market.

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