CordenPharma acquires API manufacturing site, Colorado US

Published: 16-Nov-2017

Manufacturing Chemist caught up with Brian McCudden, President and CEO of Corden Pharma and talked to him about CordenPharma’s recent acquisition of a high containment API manufacturing site in Colorado, US

CordenPharma recently acquired a highly potent API site in Boulder, US, which was previously owned by Pfizer. The new facility will be renamed CordenPharma Boulder.

The site will add significant capacity to CordenPharma, adding five GMP highly potent manufacturing process trains.

The site will also offer considerable additional process and analytical development capacity and around 110 are staff will join the CordenPharma team.

CordenPharma started to discuss the acquisition with Pfizer, a year ago and the agreement to acquire the site was reached in October 2017.

McCudden commented that the acquisition represented a good strategic fit for CordenPharma and will allow the company to significantly expand its capacity and capability in manufacturing highly potent APIs, also enhancing its efficiency.

McCudden said: “CordenPharma Boulder has demonstrated capability in developing and manufacturing highly potent APIs with supply to all regulated markets, with a specialty capability for normal and reverse-phase GMP chromatography.”

The site has an exceptional highly potent quality control lab, containing very advanced analytical tools and the ability to ensure containment at a very low level (< 10 ng/m3).

McCudden stated that the focus for 2018 for the company, will be integrating CordenPharma Boulder into the network of cGMP CordenPharma facilities across Europe and the US, as quickly as possible, so the company can begin providing immediate value to its customer base.

McCudden believes the acquisition will allow for rapid, reliable and high quality services when outsourcing with CordenPharma for highly potent APIs, which will facilitate faster and more affordable access to innovative medicines to the health care system.

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