CordenPharma and pHLIP to develop pHLIP LNP targeted delivery platform for RNA and gene therapies

Published: 4-Jan-2024

CordenPharma International and pHLIP are pleased to announce their strategic alliance to collaborate in developing and commercializing the pHLIP-LNP targeted delivery platform for RNA-based and genetic therapeutics.

The alliance will combine CordenPharma’s proprietary Lipid NanoParticle (LNP) technology and GMP manufacturing expertise with pHLIP’s proprietary pH (Low) Insertion Peptide (pHLIP) targeted delivery technology and drug development expertise to formulate (pHLIP) coated LNPs for use by biopharmaceutical companies seeking to deliver mRNA-based and gene therapy payloads.

Such payloads can be used to treat cancer, inflammation, and genetic diseases, or employ mRNA strategies for vaccination. The companies believe that their novel pHLIP-LNP platform will greatly enhance the commercial viability and success of many pioneering RNA, DNA and CRISPR therapies.

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The alliance will also enable CordenPharma and pHLIP to collaborate in developing and manufacturing small molecule drug payloads directly conjugated with (pHLIP) peptides for biopharmaceutical companies seeking to selectively target their small molecular payloads into cells in acidic diseased tissues.

CordenPharma serves as the CDMO supplier in the GMP manufacture of pHLIP peptides and (pHLIP) drug conjugates, and the new alliance further builds upon their collaborative efforts in this important field.

Dr Michael Quirmbach, CordenPharma CEO and President, commented: “CordenPharma is proud to participate in this alliance with pHLIP, as it represents a great synergy of cutting-edge technology and lipid, peptide, conjugate and LNP expertise which brings a potentially game-changing delivery platform to the LNP-based drug development field."

"Our collaboration allows access to effective, precisely targeted LNP delivery of RNA, DNA and gene therapy payloads across various important therapeutic indications, with an ultimately profound effect on saving the lives of patients.”

Dr Yana Reshetnyak, pHLIP cofounder, CEO and President, stated: "I am very excited about the potential scientific, medical and commercial benefits of the pHLIP-LNP delivery platform to address large unmet medical needs in the field of RNA and gene therapies."

pHLIP peptides insert across the membranes of acidic cells, including cancer cells, activated macrophages and fibroblasts, to deliver drugs directly into the cytoplasm. pHLIP drug conjugates are now in clinical trials.

Also, prior research has shown that pHLIP can target a variety of nanoparticles, including lipid nanoparticles, to tumours, where it promotes more efficient intracellular delivery of encapsulated payloads.

pHLIP peptides position LNPs close to the membrane lipid bilayer of a targeted cell, promoting fusion, lipid exchange and cytoplasmic cargo delivery.

The range of potential therapeutic cargoes is large, and includes the important directions enabled by RNA delivery. CordenPharma's expertise in formulating and manufacturing LNPs and pHLIP peptides makes them our ideal partner for this important venture.

"The University of Rhode Island will continue to be our partner in the development of the pHLIP platform technology and pHLIP therapeutics. The pHLIP-LNP delivery platform technology holds tremendous potential for further unlocking the promise of the medical uses of RNA, DNA and CRISPR therapeutics," Yana concluded.

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