Economical analytical and top-loading Symmetry balances from Cole-Parmer

Published: 27-Apr-2015

Affordable, advanced and accurate to satisfy your laboratory needs

Laboratory workers can turn to the new Cole-Parmer Symmetry top-loading and analytical balances to get best-performing features while still remaining budget savvy. The expanded line of weighing balances from Cole-Parmer includes:

  • Cole-Parmer Symmetry PA Analytical Balances for precise weighing of small samples. The three-door glass draft shield allows easy access to the weighing chamber. A sealed keypad, splashproof design, and removable stainless steel weighing pan offer safeguards for messy lab environments.
  • Cole-Parmer Symmetry PT Precision Toploading Balances to increase your efficiency by providing a large weighing surface for the placement of a variety of samples. Weighing modes include parts counting, percent weighing, checkweighing, animal/dynamic weighing, and density determination.

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