Robust pH and conductivity meters for accurate water testing in harsh environments

Published: 15-Dec-2014

New Oakton waterproof pH 450 and CON 450 meters introduced by Cole-Parmer

Cole-Parmer introduces the latest fully-featured pH meter and conductivity meter from Oakton, known as a technology leader in water testing instruments. The Oakton pH 450 and CON 450 meters are waterproof and rugged enough for even the harshest environments. The meters provide automatic and manual temperature compensation to ensure accuracy even in fluctuating temperatures.

The Oakton pH 450 and the Oakton CON 450 meters give you the ability to get more data at a glance due to the view measurements with temperature and calibration data showing % slope or cell constant on a large, backlit display. The meter allows you to select Celsius or Fahrenheit settings to best fit your application and store up to 500 data sets using a USB or RS-232 cable. It even includes a calibration alarm that alerts users when it is time to calibrate.

The Oakton pH 450 meter also features six-point calibration—choose USA, NIST, DIN, or custom buffers. Convenient auto buffer recognition automatically identifies the correct pH meter buffer for rapid calibration.

The Oakton CON 450 meter offers autorange conductivity from 0 to 199.9 mS in five ranges with automatic calibration up to five calibration points. Selectable temperature coefficient is adjustable from 0 to 10% per °C for accurate compensation of almost any solution.

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