ILAPAK appointed as UK agent FOR IMA RECORD

Published: 30-Sep-2022

Ilapak Ltd has been appointed as the official UK agent for IMA Record, taking on exclusive responsibility for sales and servicing of all Record flow wrapping machines in the UK

Companies in the bakery, fresh produce and other food industries with existing Record equipment can now rely on Ilapak for all their servicing, spares and technical assistance requirements, and Ilapak will also handle all sales of new Record flow wrappers. This agreement gives users of Record’s flow wrapping technology access to Ilapak’s unrivalled technical support capabilities, including 24/7 back-up from the largest team of flow wrapping engineers in the UK and a £1m readily available UK-based spares inventory.

“At Ilapak we are proud of the reputation we have for excellent customer service, and now users of Record equipment can benefit from our market-leading after-sales care too. Our service engineers have over 200 years of combined experience in flow wrapping, and their knowledge isn’t limited to Ilapak machines - it is transferable to any brand and any model. It is a similar situation with spares - commonality of many parts means that Record customers can expect the same rapid response time that Ilapak’s customers have long experienced,” said Tony McDonald, Sales and Marketing Director at Ilapak Ltd.

IMA Record was acquired by the IMA Group in October 2020, joining the IMA FLX Hub - a collective that was created to maximise the synergies and shared expertise that exist within the IMA Group in the field of flexible packaging technology. Following the acquisition, IMA Record continued to work with the agent who had historically acted as its representative in the UK. However, this contract has now been terminated and Ilapak Ltd has been appointed as the sole representative for Record machines in the UK.

Ilapak Ltd is the UK branch of IMA Ilapak - which is part of the IMA Group and the largest company in the IMA FLX hub. As well as representing IMA Ilapak and IMA Record in the UK, Ilapak Ltd represents IMA Eurosicma - creating a strong, one-stop source for HFFS technology and expertise for UK customers. When it comes to specifying new flow wrapping systems, having all three brands (IMA Ilapak, IMA Record and IMA Eurosicma) within its portfolio allows Ilapak UK to recommend an industry-leading solution for any flow wrapping project, whatever the budget, the application or the level of automation required. This is because, although all three are key players in the flow wrapping space, they have complementary rather than rival strengths and specialisms.

“Working as sole representative for IMA Record, IMA Eurosicma and IMA Ilapak in the UK heralds an exciting new era for our organisation. It expands and strengthens our portfolio, opening up opportunities to grow our customer base in new areas of the market. With three flow wrapper brands within our portfolio we are perfectly placed to support any project in any industry, from entry level artisan production to fully automated, digital workflows,” added Tony.

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