IMA set to present packaging and technology solutions at Pack Exp

Published: 11-Aug-2023

Visitors to IMA's Pack Expo booth C-3200/3400 will be able to discover processing, assembly and packaging solutions for the Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices, Food and E-commerce industries

At Pack Expo Las Vegas 2023, IMA, presents itself as an ever-evolving system: integrated, characterised by a technological and innovative environment, which brings together all its production entities on a single stand.

A technological and innovative environment, in which each element has its own structural function and each individual finds their own dimension.

On show, visitors will be able to discover processing, assembly and packaging solutions for the Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices, Food and E-commerce industries, as well as corporate projects dedicated to sustainability and digitalisation.

The booth's design will represent the Group's development philosophy and highlights the key role of sustainability in designing processes and products, outlining a fundamental combination for IMA: respect for the environment and advanced technology.


  • C1290 - Automatic tubefiller
  • SENSITIVE AV - Labelling machine for ampoules and vials​

Area dedicated to IMA AUTOMATION's medical devices assembly solutions​ with a special focus on X-Pen: Pen and autoinjector assembly system.


  • Vegatronic 6400 HD - VFFS hygienic machine
  • Vegatronic 6000 DZ - Continuous motion vertical bagging machine
  • DELTA OF-360 X - Horizontal Form, Fill & Seal
  • Eagle – Horizontal Form, Fill & Seal​​​

Specific dedicated areas for the Confectionery & Snacks and Dairy, Beverage & Baby Food, where experts will be available to explore with the company's machines portfolio and find the solution that best suits the business. 


END-OF-LINE DEDICATED AREA where you can discover the range of solutions developed by the Group for this specific sector.

Each company within the IMA END-OF-LINE hub brings a specific expertise to provide comprehensive solutions. IMA BFB is a leading brand in end-of-line technologies ranging from robotic handling to overwrapping, case packing and palletising, IMA CIEMME is an expert manufacturer of carton packaging machinery, closing, forming and automatic loading technologies, IMA MESPIC specialises in tailor-made machines, from conveyors to wrapping, from case packers to palletisers and offers complete turn-key end-of-line systems, IMA PHOENIX is expert in labelling solutions, print & apply label applicators and modular labellers for self-adhesive labels, for secondary and end-of-line packaging.

The goal of the hub is to expand the scope of IMA offerings, to strengthen its role as a benchmark of quality and better serve target markets.

Stop by our booth C-3200/3400: during the event, our experts will perform live demos on the machines displayed. Stay tuned as the demo agenda will be available soon on our website.


Today sustainability and digital transformation are two sides of the same coin, capable of having a positive impact on business and environment.

IMA set to present packaging and technology solutions at Pack Exp

About digitalisation on show

The machines speak Digital and tell of the IMA Smart Factory. They are connected, data collected in real time are sent to the Control Room present at the fair and then displayed on the various dashboards. An actual simulation of what happens during production: data analysis, potential implementations and the increase in production capacity, with the support of the industrial metaverse etc. 

On show, it will be possible, by reserving an appointment, to get a first-hand look at all the products and services that IMA offers now available on the market.

About sustainability on show

The green element comes to life, bringing a part of OPENLab on show: a small-scaled laboratory to illustrate the analysis and research on packaging materials that the IMA Group carries out in its worldwide network of laboratories.

During the event, visitors will be able to run tests on their materials' samples thanks to our OPENLab instruments present:

  • Perkin Elmer Infrared Spectrometer, to identify the material's chemical nature through the absorption of the infrared radiation.
  • Leica Optical Microscopy, to count and measure the layers of which a material is made, analyse surface and defect with potential measurement of elements of interest.

Keep on checking the page dedicated to Pack Expo Las Vegas 2023 to stay up-to-date about the demos agenda and the other events that will be scheduled during the show. 

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