Infinite M1000 – the future of microplate detection has just arrived

Published: 25-May-2011

New features on Tecan’s microplate reader open the way to wider range of applications

Tecan has recently updated its Infinite M1000 high-end multimode microplate reader with new features designed to offer the same top class performance for an even wider range of applications.

First launched in 2008, the Infinite M1000 uses Tecan’s premium Quad4 Monochromators technology to offer exceptional speed, sensitivity and flexibility for academic, biotechnology and pharmaceutical research applications.

Already highly acclaimed for its scanning capabilities, the Infinite M1000 now offers luminescence scanning to complement its existing 3D and ultra fast absorbance and fluorescence scanning capabilities. Luciferase reporter mechanisms have become commonplace across a broad range of disciplines, making development of recombinant luciferases and novel substrates an important area of research.

This new feature allows the emission spectra of stable luminescent signals to be recorded at 1nm resolution using the instrument’s emission monochromators, making the Infinite M1000 an ideal platform for luminescence-based assay development.

The format flexibility of the Infinite M1000 has also been expanded, allowing Tecan’s patent pending NanoQuant Plate for very low volume absorbance measurements to be used alongside virtually all 6- to 1,536-well plate formats.

Other new features include double orbital shaking for more efficient reagent mixing, an Optimal Read (OR) function for reliable cell-based measurements, and a completely new injector module offering precisely controlled pipetting for triggering fast kinetic reactions and bulk dispensing.

The modular, upgradeable nature of Infinite series readers means that current Infinite M1000 customers can also benefit from these latest developments, as well as the soon to be launched AlphaScreen option, making the Infinite M1000 a truly flexible solution to meet your changing laboratory needs.

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