New drug-dispensing solution for pharmaceutical testing

Published: 1-Apr-2011

HP has signed up Tecan Group to distribute the inkjet based dispensing technology

HP is employing its inkjet technology in an innovative drug research application that enables pharmaceutical companies to develop better drugs, more efficiently, through vastly more precise dispensing of dosages.

HP high-performance inkjet dispensing technology is now being used to speed the evaluation of how potential drug compounds impact biologic agents like cancer cells at very low concentrations. This new capability can help researchers significantly improve accuracy when evaluating drug safety and effectiveness, testing for drug interactions and developing new drugs.

HP’s methodology also can decrease expensive labware and biological fluid waste associated with complex, conventional testing methods, reducing research costs. The process also can improve productivity by eliminating many time-consuming and tedious steps in the drug discovery process.

HP is working with several leading pharmaceutical companies to incorporate its dispensing technology into their own work flows with very promising results.

Laboratory instruments provider, The Tecan Group, has agreed to commercialise products based on HP’s high-performance inkjet dispensing technology for pharmaceutical drug discovery.

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