Ken Cunningham becomes Chair of Medherant

Published: 6-Feb-2017

Dr Cunningham joins Medherant as the company prepares to move into clinical studies with its TEPI Patch

Dr Ken Cunningham has joined University of Warwick spin-off, Medherant, which develops transdermal drug delivery patch technology.

Cunningham has over 25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. He is currently Chairman of Abzena as well as Non-Executive Director of Verona Pharma plc.

Between 2006 and 2010 Dr Cunningham was at SkyePharmaplc, initially as Chief Operating Officer and subsequently as Chief Executive Officer. He oversaw the late stage development of flutiform for asthma. Ken holds a Medical Degree from St Mary's, Imperial College London.

Ken Cunningham commented:

“Medherant’s novel transdermal drug delivery patch technology offers significant benefits to patients. I look forward to contributing to the success of the company.”

Mercia Technologies PLC contributed early-stage funding to Medherant via its third party funds. It also invested £650,000 as part of a syndicated £1.5 million fundraising round in September 2016.

Peter Dines, Head of Life Sciences and Bio-sciences at Mercia, said: “Mercia previously worked with Ken when he chaired Polytherics, which later acquired the Mercia portfolio company Warwick Effect Polymers. He then took the business onto AIM as Abzena plc.

“Ken has over two decades of experience in this sector and his appointment reflects the enormous potential offered by the TEPI Patch.”

About Medherant

Medherant’s drug delivery platform, TEPI Patch, is designed to address many of the failings of previous transdermal drug delivery patches, enabling expansion of the library of drugs available for patch delivery, including those that had previously failed clinical trials due to unsuitability for oral administration.

The technology is being developed for use with the pain-relief drugs ibuprofen and methyl salicylate, delivering a controlled dose over periods as long as 24 hours.

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