Marchesini Group completes CMP Pharma acquisition deal

Published: 16-May-2019

Italy's packaging giant has taken a 60% stake of the company that provides inspection systems for the pharmaceutical sector

The Marchesini Group has said the acquisition deal with CMP Pharma, the inspection systems specialist, has been completed. The Italian equipment and technology group had offered to acquire a 60% stake of the company last December.

Back in 1982, just under a decade after its foundation, CMP became the first company in the world to offer the market an automatic vial inspection machine with laser rays.

CMP then consolidated its place in the market by putting together a range of equipment, which now includes a wide array of automatic and semi-automatic inspection machines for vials, containers, pre-filled syringes, infusion bags and freeze-dried products.

Production diversification and expansion has boosted CMP's turnover, which in 2018 exceeded €9 million; 35% up from the previous year.

"The internationalisation of CMP’s know-how further enhances Marchesini’s impressive range of products, offering stand-alone machines and complete lines capable of fully packaging all types of products of the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries from start to finish," Marchesini said in a statement.

The transaction with CMP will allow the sales department of the Marchesini Group to fully satisfy even the most complex requests of customers, including the inspection and control phases.

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