A new versatile vacuum pump from Vacuubrand


The benefits of this versatile unit within the laboratory include high chemical resistance

Wherever efficient and controlled vacuum is required, the PC 3001 VARIO Select can help!

Suitable for even high boiling point solvents, this unit is specifically designed for a wide range of applications such as distillation, rotary evaporation, filtration and vacuum drying. The integrated VACUU-SELECT controller provides a simple to use interface that encompasses all common laboratory applications.

The glass inlet separator comes with a robust protective coating, preventing particles and liquid droplets from entering the pump, which in turn limits damage and extends the life of the pump. The exhaust vapour condenser enables almost complete solvent recovery when used with a chilled water line or recirculating chiller for economical recycling and environmental protection.

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The benefits of this versatile unit within the laboratory include:

  • High chemical resistance
  • Precise vacuum due to VARIO technology
  • Integrated, predefined vacuum processes
  • Solvent recovery and protection against droplets
  • Reliable, long-term performance
  • Short process times
  • Very quiet operation

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