AirBridgeCargo Airlines leases SkyCell cold-chain containers

The agreement increases ABC Airlines' total number of cold-chain special packaging solutions partners to three

Photo as seen on ABC Airlines website

AirBridgeCargo Airlines (ABC) have leased all types of containers from Zurich-based cold-chain ULD manufacturer SkyCell. The airline, who transport pharmaceuticals by air, have made the partnership to meet the demand for growing volumes of temperature-controlled pharmaceutical shipments, which reached around 3,500 tonnes in 2019.

The SkyCell line of passive containers is capable of keeping the internal temperature within the range of +2° to +8°C and +15°C to +25°C under external temperature excursions from –35°C to +65°C. This meets the requirements of many pharmaceutical manufacturers, as well as logistics companies involved in a complex transportation process.

Fedor Novikov, Deputy General Director fo Products at ABC, said: “With SkyCell containers we have increased the total number of cold-chain special packaging solutions partners to three, aiming to embrace all leading manufacturers to cater to the needs of different customers.”

Novikov explained that the SkyCell data-collection supports the company’s intention to move further with ‘Internet of Things’. He also mentioned that the Russian company is trying to move away from peer-to-peer data sharing toward information transparency and availability as it gives extra piece of mind to customers to have real-time data in one click.

“ABC has one of the most modern airline fleets and, like SkyCell, is committed to greater transparency in the industry. Together we strive to make pharmaceutical logistics safer, more reliable and more sustainable,” said Richard Ettl, CEO of SkyCell.

AirBridgeCargo has adapted a thorough and well-balanced approach towards development of its dedicated ‘ABC pharma’ product, reinforcing its team of experts, expanding its pool of special packaging manufacturers, adopting the latest digital solutions, but most importantly, deepening its field-specific knowledge and sharing it with customers and partners through educational workshops and aircraft tours.