Almac Group increases volume of clinical essential supplies to patients at home

Published: 28-Apr-2020

Direct to Patient via Site and “Almac to Patient” Services are part of Almac Clinical Services’ ongoing response to COVID-19

COVID-19 poses an unprecedented threat to the continuity of supply of vital medications to patients enrolled in clinical trials around the world. Almac and its sponsors are working closely to ensure patients receive their treatments amidst changing circumstances and increasing restrictions.

“The delivery of essential medicines to patients in addition to ensuring the health and safety of employees is, and always has been, Almac’s top priority,” said Sharon Courtney, Logistics Services Manager, Almac Clinical Services. “In response to COVID-19, Almac enacted its business continuity plan immediately and continues to work closely with our sponsors. Dedicated teams are in place carrying out full supply chain reviews on a case by case basis. In partnership with our sponsors, we are examining and applying the best distribution model to suit their needs be that Direct to Patient via Site (DTP) or our Almac to Patient (ATP) distribution model.”

Direct to Patient via Site

In cases where patients can no longer travel to site, Almac’s Direct to Patient via Site model ensures continuity of drug supply to the patient’s home. Almac has an established DTP via Site distribution service providing for patients that have critical needs whereby in normal circumstances they cannot visit clinical sites due to, for example, their age, illness or proximity.

Almac to Patient

If the site has closed or key staff are no longer able to travel to a site due to an increase in restrictions and lockdowns, Almac to Patient distribution solutions have been leveraged by the organisation. In the challenging scenario where a site may be closed, Almac ships supplies to the patient’s home directly from an Almac facility without compromising product integrity and ensuring GxP compliance throughout. Combining experienced project management and reliable courier services, Almac is uniquely positioned to remove the obstacles to ensure the delivery of essential clinical supplies to patients globally.

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