Aptar Pharma launches eDose counter for MDIs

Dose counters improve asthma and COPD patient adherence

Aptar Pharma, a global solution provider of innovative and proven aerosol, injection and spray delivery systems, has unveiled its latest innovation, the eDose Counter for metered dose inhalers (MDIs). Asthma and COPD patient adherence is a major health and economic challenge. Several studies report very poor adherence to asthma medication regimens, with measured rates of non-adherence ranging from 30% to 70%.

In the FDA’s Integration of Dose-Counting Mechanisms into MDI Drug Products guidance for industry, dated March 2003, it is recommended that drug manufacturers integrate a dose- counting system into any new MDI drug products marketed in the US. Patients appreciate dose counters because they are convenient and improve safety by allowing them to identify the number of doses of medication left in their inhalers and to avoid running out unexpectedly.

The global inhalation market has followed the US trend and today multiple MDI drug products with some form of dose-tracking system are marketed outside of the US - including Skye Pharma’s Flutiform equipped with Aptar Pharma’s Landmark dose indicator.

Currently, marketed MDI dose indicators and counters are based on mechanical technology. Although this technology offers great opportunities to design simple and cost-effective devices, it does not always meet the expectations of users, regulators and other stakeholders due to poor legibility of the numbers, its effect on MDI user-handling and pharma performance, and the lack of robustness affecting safety (e.g. miscounting events).

Electronic components offer almost unlimited possibilities to display large, clear and legible counter digits
Picture courtesy of Aptar Pharma

Electronic components offer almost unlimited possibilities to display large, clear and legible counter digits required for a wide range of user age segments and medical conditions. In addition, this technology allows for the incorporation of visual MDI priming reminders and feedback on use as well as end-of-product-life warnings. Thanks to the integration of electronic components, these systems not only count doses, but mark a move towards comprehensive connected inhaler solutions.

Aptar Pharma's patented eDose Counter for MDIs is designed to be easy-to-use and reliable, and contributes to patient compliance. The company's unique sensing technology offers direct detection of the spray, which eliminates risks of miscounting. The sensing technology is versatile and compatible with any metering valve design. In addition, the eDose Counter for MDIs includes inhaler priming and medication reminders-to-use and end-of-product-life warnings (flashing digits) while remaining cost-effective.

'We believe the combination of Aptar Pharma’s expertise in MDI valves and dose counters with our experience in electronically-assisted drug delivery devices creates a compelling offer to meet the needs of Asthma & CODP patients,' said Jean-Marc Pardonge, President of Aptar Pharma Prescription Division.