AspenTech releases new aspenONE Version 10 software

Published: 6-Jun-2017

Aspen Technology release the latest Asset Performance Management, Engineering and Manufacturing & Supply Chain software

Aspen Technology, the asset optimisation software company released aspenONE Version 10 software, supporting the company’s evolution from process optimisation to asset optimisation, the next frontier of optimisation by driving increased financial return over the entire asset lifecycle.

Specialty chemicals and pharmaceuticals companies are making significant investments to rapidly develop and deliver new products to market.

Aspen Plus software in aspenONE Version 10 extends modelling from continuous to batch and semi-batch processes to help companies accelerate new product development and optimise production to compete more effectively.

The aspenONE Version 10 software release includes aspenONE Asset Performance Management (APM), an industry-first complete suite for site, process and equipment performance management.

Combining more than 30 years of deep process modelling expertise with real time big data and machine-learning solutions, AspenTech’s new APM suite is designed to increase asset uptime, improve reliability, extend the life of equipment, and achieve optimal process performance system-wide to drive increased profitability.

The integrated suite of APM analytics provides prescriptive guidance to address multiple levels of asset performance including site-wide risk analysis, process analysis and equipment performance analytics.

The latest version of aspenONE Engineering software enables asset design optimisation across capital, energy, controllability, environmental impact, safety and yield, empowering collaborative workflows that drive sustained profitability.

Building on the trusted PIMS-AO engine, the new Aspen Unified PIMS features a modern web-based architecture with scalable high performance computing that enables better collaboration and improved insights into model performance.

The first of a family of unified products envisioned to unify the production workflow from planning to scheduling and performance monitoring, Aspen Unified PIMS will initially be targeted at a specific set of customers identified by the company for the aspenONE Version 10 software release.

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