Avoid digital transformation turning into digital anxiety

Published: 1-May-2020

How do you efficiently manage your resources in the digital era? In this article, Binocs explores tips to keep stability and motivation in your teams. Request your free demo today and discover how Binocs supports you in efficiently managing your resources

With the advent of digital innovations, technology has immensely helped teams to work better and perform more efficiently.

Nevertheless, the pace of work is increasing every day. More projects, more tasks, more goals needing to be completed end of the quarter, end of the week, end of the day. It can be very challenging for project managers, resource managers and their team members to live up to such challenges. The challenge to meet the requirements and priorities of multiple projects that run in parallel has never been so high.

For resource managers, increasingly distributed project teams, an overwhelming array of new technologies, and a globalised, always-on workforce make managing the worklist more complex than ever.

All of this contributes to anxiety, increased absenteeism and burn-outs, and a higher personnel turnover rate. The effect is directly measurable on the efficiency, planning adherence and operational cost KPIs. Within all this chaos, it is essential to manage your resources in an efficient way.

Here are a few tips to restore stability and motivation in your teams:

Ensure your resources have the right calibre and skills

The overwhelming number of tasks and to-dos are increasing by the day and making it difficult to get results. It can be tempting to get projects up and running as soon as you’ve got a green light. But starting a project without the right resources will cause more delay. So instead of pushing the project forward, wait until all resources are available to deliver the project. It might not always be possible to wait for the right resources but using Binocs that lets you better manage your team members can help in achieving this.

Use real data

If you want to effectively manage resources, it is very important to know exactly who is working on what and when. But that’s easier said than done. Lack of visibility is one of the most common pain points for resource managers.

You can use Binocs to better understand how much demand there is for each of the resources, so you can plan accurately and efficiently in real-time.

Handling requests

It’s nice to get project requests, but too many of these requests can create a lot of chaos. It’s very helpful to have Binocs in place, which allows you to map the right projects to the relevant resources.

Streamline processes

Resources are the most valuable asset of your company. Misusing them causes more harm than good for your organisation. Standardise the work and align on the work patterns as a means to have a more reliable resource plan.

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