Axomatic and V2engineering join Marchesini Group

Published: 19-Jun-2019

Italian packaging company will become the majority stakeholders but the acquired companies will maintain their corporate structures

The Marchesini Group has finalised the acquisitions of two new companies to boost strategic of rapid expansion. The two companies, Axomatic and V2engineering, are both Italian.

The first company acquired was Axomatic in Settimo Milanese (Milan) that operated in the packaging machinery sector. The company is specialised in the production of automatic equipment for the cosmetics industry, as well as pharmaceuticals and food.

The second business to be acquired is V2engineering in Zola Predosa (Bologna), which specialises in producing cartoning machines. The V2engineering machines combine renowned Italian manufacturing know-how and advanced technologies and will further enrich Marchesini’s offer for the so-called “end-of-line” products, another key aspect in the cosmetics and pharmaceuticals production chain.

Both companies will be taken over with majority shares without however changing their production processes or reference partners. They will continue to manage their customers, projects and products self-sufficiently according to consolidated internal dynamics, while Marchesini will be a majority shareholder and will monitor and supervise Axomatic and V2engineering’s organisation and commercial activities.

The two new companies will keep their existing well-established corporate structures.

Carlo Veronesi, CEO of V2engineering, said: “Similar to Marchesini, we started up in the Packaging Valley of Emilia-Romagna, the first productive chain in Europe of packaging machines for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. This partnership will definitely be a great opportunity for both of us. It will strengthen our position against German competitors even further.”

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