BASF opens global dermatology lab in Tarrytown, NY

Will carry out research on skin irritation and allergic reactions up to full formulations

BASF has opened a new global dermatology laboratory in Tarrytown, NY, US to focus on topical formulations for the pharmaceutical market.

A newly formed dermatology team, comprising r&d scientists, technical sales, marketing and product management, will use the lab for basic research on skin irritation and allergy reactions to full formulations using BASF solubilisers and its excipient portfolio, which has broadened following the acquisition of Cognis’s pharmceutical grade excipients in 2010. The laboratory will also support customers in developing new marketing concepts and solving formulation challenges.

‘With the investment in a laboratory concentrating only on the specific needs of the pharmaceutical industry, BASF will be able to focus on the unique challenges of effectively delivering drugs with topical formulations, thereby improving patient health,’ said Daniele Piergentili, vp, BASF Pharma Ingredients and Services North America.

BASF will tap into its core expertise in liquid and semi-solid formulations for skin applications. The addition of the Cognis excipients has increased the firm’s range of lipid-based emollients, surfactants, emulsifiers, gelling agents, waxes and solubilisers. It also allows BASF to become a partner in human and animal dermatology, and topical, transdermal and liquid medicines.

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