Benchtop fermentors and bioreactors are easy to use

Compact, high performance benchtop systems are ideal for fermentation and cell culture techniques

UK laboratory specialist Cleaver Scientific (CSL) has launched a range of fermentors and bioreactors that are high-performance yet easy to use.

These compact, benchtop systems are ideal for fermentation and cell culture techniques typically performed within university teaching labs, biotech r&d facilities, pharmaceutical organisations and food and beverage manufacturers.

Each system is supplied as a customised solution

Each system is supplied as a customised solution, complete with vessel, impeller, control station and probes for growth of different microbes, yeast, mammalian, insect and plant cells.

Features include a simple-to-use 10.4 inch colour touch screen interface within the control station, allowing for easy setting and real-time pictorial display of agitation speed, temperature, pH and dissolved oxygen (DO).

They also include four assignable built-in peristaltic pumps that act in tandem with the corresponding pH, foam and DO probes within the vessel to control acid, base, antifoam and substrate feeds. Each probe is connected to an easily accessible side panel that also houses quick-fit connectors for rapid set-up of the heating system and ancillary equipment for aeration and cooling.

All Cleaver Scientific fermentors and reactors are pre-programmed with fermentation and cell culture operating modes to allow user to adapt the equipment according to their specific needs. All five interchangeable single-wall, heat-blanketed, jacketed and air lifter vessels are available in 3 – 20 litre volumes and are made from autoclavable borosilicate. These can be operated from the control station, either thermostatically or as a dry heating system using the base unit or heating jacket.

Other features and benefits include storage capacity for nearly 60,000 programmes; adjustable flow meter and DO cascade function; ethernet remote control by optional PC; a low-maintenance brushless motor and choice of impellers for different cell types; USB for data transfer; and logging capability for 10 process monitoring data files.