BioPh 2010 follows up on successful Madrid debut

Reflects the growing convergence of the pharma and biotech business models

Returning for Paris, from October 5-7 this year, and reflecting the growing convergence of the pharma and biotech business models will be BioPh, which enjoyed a successful debut in Madrid, attracting more than 800 dedicated visitors.

Biotechnology has become the innovation engine for the pharmaceutical industry as a whole. Big Pharma has always represented a major source of funding for ‘little biotech' and in the past, that has often been mostly about biotechnology companies needing seed money and operating cash.

Now it is more about pharmaceutical companies needing new innovations to feed their own pipelines. On the biotech side, advances in genomics, proteomics and other biotech research continue to bring about not only new drug molecules but also whole new therapeutic classes such as gene and cell therapies. Big Pharma is looking at biotech to infuse its own pipelines with more innovation.

All companies and organizations dealing with the research and development of new treatment methods made through biotechnological processes or which are derived from or use live organisms will benefit from the mix of exhibition, seminars and meeting possibilities at BioPh 2010. Offering a perfect synergy between its sister events ICSE (The International Contract Services Expo), P-MEC Europe (Driving Innovations in Pharma& Bio Technology) and its big sister CPhI Worldwide (Convention on Pharmaceutical ingredients) - BioPh Europe 2010 at Paris Nord Villepinte will offer you unrivalled networking and commercial opportunities in the world of drug research and manufacturing.

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