Biogen invests in new Swiss production facility


Company plans a biopharmaceutical plant in the canton of Solothurn

Biotechnology company Biogen is investing one billion Swiss francs (US$1.06bn) in Luterbach in the canton of Solothurn in a new production plant. Up to 400 new jobs will be created during 2019.

Biogen, one of the world's oldest biotechnology companies, was founded in 1978 in Geneva. Today, it employs more than 7500 people in 30 countries in the research, development and marketing of innovative therapies.

Following the recent signing of a preliminary contract between the canton of Solothurn and Biogen, Natascha Schill, CEO of Biogen Switzerland, said: ‘Thanks to the excellent support of the canton of Solothurn, the Commune Luterbach and the federal administration, we have the opportunity to build one of the most advanced production facilities in the world. The canton of Solothurn provides a business-friendly environment, a reliable infrastructure and access to a well-trained labour force.’

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Member of the governing council and Head of the Department of Economic Affairs of the canton of Solothurn, Esther Gassler emphasises: ‘The expansion of one of the world's leading biotechnology companies is a great success for our business development. Innovation, precision, reliability and, of course, Swiss quality, are all features of the canton of Solothurn.’