Biologistex and MNX Global Logistics partner to offer enhanced cold chain logistics services


Integration of respective IT systems will enable users of the biologistex cloud-based cold chain logistics app to directly order and purchase MNX support and logistic services

Biologistex has entered into a partnership with MNX Global Logistics, a global provider of specialised transportation and logistics services, to offer enhanced cold chain logistics services to the biopharma, biobanking, and regenerative medicine markets via the biologistex SaaS app.

MNX and biologistex have agreed to integrate their respective IT systems to enable users of the biologistex cloud-based cold chain logistics app to directly order and purchase MNX support and logistic services, including next flight out, same day delivery and door to door professional courier pickup and delivery of time and temperature sensitive biologic shipments.

Biologistex is a joint venture of BioLife Solutions, a developer, manufacturer and marketer of proprietary clinical grade cell and tissue hypothermic storage and cryopreservation freeze media and a related cloud hosted biologistics cold chain management app for smart shippers, and SAVSU Technologies, a designer and manufacturer of innovative high performance passive storage and transport containers for temperature sensitive biologics and pharmaceuticals. MNX offers specialised, expedited transportation and logistics services to ensure mission critical APIs, cord blood, manufactured cell products and other biologics are securely transported and delivered on time to the intended destination.

BioLife Solutions has built a franchise in the regenerative medicine market by gaining a critical mass of cell therapy customers including most of the private and public immuno-oncology companies developing various T cell immunotherapies to treat blood cancers and solid tumours. To date, BioLife's CryoStor and HypoThermosol biopreservation media products have been embedded into more than 200 pre-clinical validations and clinical trials of novel cell based products and therapies targeting the leading causes of death and disability. SAVSU Technologies is the designer and supplier of the award winning evo Smart Shipper to the biologistex joint venture.

'The evo Smart Shipper and biologistex cloud SaaS complement our drive to leverage cutting-edge technologies that help simplify cold-chain shipments for customers in the cell therapy and regenerative medicine markets,' said Paul J. Martins, Chief Executive Officer at MNX.

Mike Rice, BioLife's President and CEO, remarked: 'A key goal of our biologistex joint venture with SAVSU Technologies is to provide organic and partner solutions to help our life sciences customers optimise cold chain logistics for scalable, secure distribution of time and temperature sensitive source material and manufactured biologic products including CAR T-cell therapies.

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'MNX logistics services, specifically door to door same day delivery, offer our customers the peace of mind of secure delivery of life saving cell-based therapies, with enhanced shipment monitoring and alerts at a fraction of the cost of traditional specialty couriers, while eliminating the risk of delayed shipment delivery from multi-leg air cargo flights and the potential for packages to get stuck in a connecting hub.'