Biomolecule Analysis - A Multi-Faceted Approach

Published: 3-May-2013

Free Breakfast Meeting will focus on bioanalytical approaches to molecular characterisation

On 18 June 2013 at BioCity, Nottingham, RSSL will be hosting a FREE breakfast meeting focusing on bioanalytical approaches to molecular characterisation. Registration will open at 8.30am and the meeting will conclude at 11.00am.

The speaker will be Dr David Neville, a technical expert, specialising in carbohydrates and proteins. He trained in the analysis of biological carbohydrates at Oxford University and the Department of Biochemistry, Dundee and has published a number of peer-reviewed articles on the subject. He has also worked in a number of academic and private companies in the UK and US.

The briefing session will include:

  • Complexities of large protein analysis
  • Characterisation of N-linked oligosaccharides
  • Identification of protein modifications
  • Benefits of successful outsourced partnering

This is an ideal opportunity to gain a valuable insight into how to overcome the complexities of bioanalysis.

To book a place, telephone Rachel Horton on +44 118 918 400, email or click here to download a booking form.

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