Bucking the trends brings dividends for Custom Group

Company reaffirms its commitment to investing in its UK manufacturing facilities

At a time when many companies are moving operations to the Far East in search of greater profits, UK-based Custom Healthcare Group has found that the grass is not always greener and is concentrating its resources in its home country.

Citing ongoing quality and reliability concerns, cultural differences and the expense of dealing with the other side of the world, the company, a leading contract services group based in Brighton, this year sold their factory in China, instead choosing a renewed 100% commitment to manufacturing in the UK.

The strategic decision was taken to invest in state-of-the-art packaging facilities and equipment as well as new laboratory facilities. This has allowed for the expansion of technical and development services utilising core skills within the highly trained workforce. The result is that Custom has attracted significant new business growth that will take volume throughput and turnover during 2011 to the highest levels achieved in its 30-year history.

Bucking the trend and withdrawing from investments in the Far East to concentrate on its manufacturing base in the UK has been rewarded with unprecedented growth and ROI. Nigel Richardson, ceo, is delighted to report business doubling from £5.5m in 2002 to £12m in 2010. Custom is also experiencing ‘unprecedented demand’ from its UK customer base with contracts previously lost to India now returning. As UK expansion and investment continues for Custom, the forecast is for further growth, with turnover predicted to reach £15m in 2011.

‘Custom Healthcare is 100% committed to the UK and our UK customers,’ Richardson said. ‘We have not only brought in experienced and highly skilled industry professionals, we have updated our facilities and equipment and expanded the range of services to provide a true one-stop suite of services.

‘It is now much more cost efficient for customers to place their business in the UK to gain the benefit of a highly capable, service oriented, local contract manufacturing service provider.’

Custom Healthcare Group is one UK company, advising EU based customers to look closer to home for reliable, responsive, local quality suppliers, rather than trying to deal with a long and unreliable supply chain from the Far East.