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New extraction technology merges the purity of CO2 with the power of ethanol

Cannabis, a complex plant, requires a delicate touch to maintain the integrity of its many compounds responsible for its health benefits. As the cannabis space continues to expand, so have the choice of processing methods. This includes the use of harsh solvents and techniques in the extraction process that strips the plant of everything that makes it unique and valuable - terpenes, fats, waxes, chlorophyll, and cannabinoids - often resulting in the injection of additives to make up for the final product’s shortcomings.

Keeping up with the pace of the industry and consumer demand for licensed processors has become a challenge and the reason why manufacturers have turned their attention to developing new technology that marries the tried and tested, clean-tech methods of the past, with solutions that not only deliver on the business needs of today, but ensure the quality and safety of the end consumer product is not compromised in the process.

Cosolvent injection system results backed by data

Combining the purity of CO 2 with the power of ethanol, the Cosolvent Injection System (CIS), new breakthrough technology from Vitalis is the ultimate solution. Designed to provide versatility in extracting, the add-on technology utilizes the purity of CO2 in the extraction process while leveraging the benefits of ethanol to deliver unmatched operational efficiency and throughput.

Injecting a small amount of ethanol earlier into the CO2 extraction process, as opposed to during post-processing or as ethanol-only extraction, improves the throughput capabilities in terms of cannabinoid extraction while also maintaining the ability to use CO2 only. The introduction of a cosolvent option helps to reduce the volume of harsh chemicals present in the manufacturing process, providing cleaner solutions at a time when consumers are demanding premium quality ingredients, and regulators safety in consumption.

Never one to release a new product without proper testing, the development and launch of Vitalis CIS is the culmination of 12 months of intensive research, development, and controlled real-world testing on both cannabis and hemp with the support of Licensed Producer partners. While differing operational variables are taken into account, the results from the implementation of the CIS were consistent. Each partner saw a staggering decrease in extraction runtime, lower operating pressures, greater selectivity in the extraction process, an increase in extract quality, and utilized minimal quantities of ethanol.

The patent-pending Vitalis CIS is already helping companies adapt to evolving market conditions, and scale their operations by reducing their overall cost per gram.

Flexibility & adaptability to extractor operations

Designed as an add-on, as opposed to an alteration to the existing CO2 extraction operation, Vitalis CIS means greater flexibility and operational efficiency in the extraction process, allowing producers to pivot their production lines, without breaking the bank.

Optimal results can be accomplished not only through pressure and temperature adjustments of CO2 but by adjusting the concentration of ethanol in the stream. Vitalis CIS even allows the flexibility to bypass the ethanol injection entirely, capturing terpenes using CO2 as a mono- solvent if desired.

To make installation of the new add-on unit as easy as possible, Vitalis CIS features a ventilation line that satisfies all fire regulations (fully C1/D1 compliant), avoiding the need to alter the room classification, and can be used safely in ‘non-hazardous’ areas. Requiring only a standard 120V wall outlet and transportable on a small, wheel-mounted frame, footprint size and facility design are not obstacles for the system.

The introduction of Vitalis CIS aims to best serve the company’s core customer base that includes producers of cannabis and hemp, while setting the benchmark for safety, service and performance. To discuss the benefits specific to your operation and to arrange a virtual walkthrough, contact