C2 Pharma and Theracule announce strategic partnership

Published: 8-Oct-2018

C2 Pharma will manufacture a botanical extract for Theracule, as well as lead the seed funding of the company that develops orphan drugs for rare neurological disorders

C2 Pharma and Theracule AS are entering into a strategic partnership focused on supporting Theracule’s new drug development programmes aimed at rare neurodevelopmental disorders.

The programmes are based on a plant-derived API and a botanical extract that C2 Pharma is having manufactured for Theracule.

In addition to supporting the manufacturing of the botanical extract for Theracule, C2 Pharma is leading the seed funding that will finance the company’s operations for the next 12-18 months. Theracule will raise its Series A funding supported by key milestones expected to be achieved during this timeframe.

“The partnership with C2 Pharma goes beyond the financial support that a typical seed round investor would deliver,” said Dr Ana Mingorance, co-founder of Theracule. “We also get best GMP-compliant botanical extracts and APIs, regulatory support, analytical sciences support through ASM Research Chemicals and the backing of one of the leading API companies in the phytochemical field.”

Andrew Badrot, CEO of C2 Pharma, added: “We are excited to work with Theracule and help them develop a new botanical extract and plant-derived APIs to treat rare diseases. Theracule’s funding team have a wealth of expertise in new drug development for rare neurological disorders. With C2 Pharma’s manufacturing and technical capabilities, we have a ‘dream team’ that will deliver outstanding results.”

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