Camlab offers automated water analysis for BOD

Will distribute Man-Tech Associates’ PC-BOD system in the UK

PC-BOD water quality analyser

Camlab, a UK-based scientific supplier and service/repair agent, has been appointed by Man-Tech Associates of Canada to distribute and support the company’s automated water quality analysers in the UK.

The PC-BOD system, which automates the 5- and 7-day Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) analysis method, is said to simplify the complex BOD measurement procedure used to analyse the quality of wastewater. The system automates dilution water, seed and inhibitor addition as well as rinsing procedures, simplifying the whole measurement process for BOD5.

Featuring a durable autosampler, the PC-BOD system provides a number of rack configurations to suit the user’s sample requirements all designed around a standard 300ml BOD bottle. The rinse pump, liquid level sensor control and BOD probe stirrer control are built into a compact module. The pumps deliver accurate volumes at a speed that ensures sample trays can be completed in a reasonable time. A liquid level sensor ensures that no samples are overloaded.

The PC-BOD enables laboratories to conform to regulatory norms such as Standard Methods 5210B, 21st edition; Standard Methods 5210B, 20th edition; and DIN EN 1899-1.

Camlab, based in Over, Cambridge, will configure the PC-BOD technology to address differing laboratory operating requirements. For example, the PC-BOD Mini system, an 11-bottle capacity solution, is for laboratories needing to prepare and analyse samples for BOD5 at a rate of five to 50 samples a day, for three, five or seven days per week.

The PC-BOD/Titrate Duo enables laboratories to prepare and analyse samples for BOD5 then, with the simple change of a rack and probe holder, analyse different samples for pH, conductivity, alkalinity, turbidity and more. The system allows organisations to carry out BOD sampling and titration with a single integrated system. It is best suited to environmental laboratories with smaller- to medium-sized throughput. The duo system can be purchased as an upgrade to an existing PC-BOD or PC-Titrate system.

The key element of all PC-BOD systems is the Man-Tech BOD software used for the calculation, which is said to offer a significant improvement on the built-in calculation in many commercial dissolved oxygen meters.

David Miller, business development manager of Camlab, said: ‘BOD measurement is inherently a complex procedure but Man-Tech’s intuitive software capabilities help to simplify the overall process and make it possible to add an automated water quality analyser to the same sampler at a later date if and when required. The degree of scalability makes the Man-Tech technology a highly cost-effective water quality analysis package.’