CatSci invests in material and analytical science


The company has also appointed two director roles to lead its expansion plans

CatSci invests in material and analytical science

CatSci is expanding its capabilities in material science, analytical science and preformulation studies to better serve its customers’ needs. This expansion will be supported by a $4.2 m investment over the next two years and the opening of a secondary site in Dagenham, Essex, in April 2021. The facility will help increase the UK’s scientific exports.

The company’s capabilities will include addressing additional modalities and asset classes, such as oligonucleotides, alongside additional capacity for analytical testing. By adding better solid form characterisation to its material science offerings and increasing its preformulation capabilities, it aims to break the barriers between substance and product to improve medicines development.

To lead these plans, the company has appointed Dr Nigel Richardson as Director of Analytical Technology and New Modalities and Dr Robert Dennehy as Director of Crystallisation and Solid State.

Dr Richardson will also take up the position of Site Director at the Dagenham facility, utilising his expertise in analytical technology, oligonucleotide development and previous role as Senior Director within the CMC Analytical Division at GSK.

Dr Dennehy, whose experience includes leading the Particle Sciences team at GSK, will develop the workflows for the company’s material science lab and act as a consultant for the transformation of its solid form capabilities.

Dr Ross Burn, CEO, said: “It is a fantastic time to be expanding our business in the UK pharmaceutical R&D space. These increased capabilities will significantly contribute to CatSci’s current offerings and will be a continuation of the already successful £1.3 million expansion we’ve just completed. We’re confident that this next step will offer strategic value to our customers’ journey from molecule to medicine and strengthen the UK economy.”

Dr Robert Dennehy, Director of Crystallisation and Solid State said: “I’m honoured to be a part of this next stage in CatSci’s evolution, applying my expertise in solid state to accelerate the development of life-changing therapeutics.”

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Dr Nigel Richardson, Director of Analytical Technology and New Modalities, said: “It’s a really exciting time to be working in the process R&D and life sciences sector. I’m delighted to be helping CatSci to deliver excellence in measurement science so that our customers can make the right decisions first time and every time.”