Characterisation and quality control of MBE processes

Hiden Analytical present a family of quadrupole mass spectrometer based diagnostic instruments with specific applications in the molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) process and to post-process thin film evaluations

Bolt-on SIMS accessory with integrated ion and electron guns

In-process probes are specifically constructed for operation in the reactive molecular beam deposition environment, using low-reactivity construction materials and with extensive surface screening.

Instruments includes the HALO MBE residual gas analyser, the XBS molecular beam deposition rate monitor with ion beam acceptance through a 70o cone angle and a modular SIMS surface analysis tool with integrated fine-focus ion gun for in-process surface layer evaluation.

The AutoSIMS system is offered for measurement of post-process surface layer composition and for depth profile compositional changes through depths typically up to a micron.

The system has an interchangeable cassette-style multi-sample holder with automated X-Y positioning stage enabling fully automated unattended operation. The fine-focus ion gun is both oxygen and argon compatible.