Clinigen and BTG extend global partnership with new exclusive Global Access agreement


Agreement extends the 4-year partnership Clinigen has with BTG to provide early access programmes

Clinigen Group, the global pharmaceutical and services company, announces that its Idis Global Access (GA) division, has signed an exclusive supply agreement with BTG, a specialist healthcare company, to manage BTG’s critical care portfolio across the whole of Europe and now into new territories in Asia.

The existing partnership focuses on supplying select countries in Europe using a Managed Access programme to enable healthcare professionals to access BTG’s antidote products for patients who have no other treatment options available to them.

The new agreement increases the geographic scope of the partnership to include all of Europe, as well as the supply of DigiFab in the UK on a commercial basis. It also includes some emerging markets in Southeast Asia.

This extended Global Access partnership builds on Clinigen’s international footprint following the acquisition of Link Healthcare in 2015. It will allow more healthcare professionals across the world and in countries not previously covered by Clinigen, to access BTG’s critical care medicines on-demand.

The products covered by the partnership are DigiFab (digoxin immune fab) an antidote for life-threatening or potentially life-threatening digoxin toxicity or overdose, and Voraxaze (glucarpidase), an enzyme for the treatment of toxic plasma methotrexate concentrations in the blood, caused by high-dose methotrexate chemotherapy.

Steve Glass, Chief Commercial Officer (North America and Europe) of Clinigen, said: 'This is a notable exclusive supply agreement for Idis GA. It not only expands our existing partnership with BTG but it is also the first agreement that capitalises on the complementary nature of our Managed Access and Global Access divisions. It demonstrates the value of our unique, synergistic businesses which enables us to provide safe and ethical access to a medicine throughout its lifecycle - from development to approval, to launch and beyond.'

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'The extended partnership enables us to leverage our global expertise and networks to enable physicians to access the right medicine at the right time to better treat their patients,' he added.