Dolomite to carry high-performance emulsion stabiliser FluoSurf

FluoSurf has been developed and optimised for droplet-based microfluidics applications

Photo as seen on Emulseo website

Dolomite Microfluidics teamed up with Emulseo to distribute FluoSurf, a high-performance continuous phase specifically formulated to stabilise aqueous droplets in microfluidic systems.

Richard Gray, VP of Particle Engineering and Microfluidics at Dolomite Microfluidics, said: “We chose Emulseo as our partner to offer FluoSurf to our customers worldwide. We are delighted to be distributing this product, which will greatly improve the market for emulsion stabilisers, and look forward to a fruitful collaboration with Emulseo.”

Based in Bordeaux, France, Emulseo is a startup company focusing on the design of high-performance surfactants for biotechnological applications using droplet-based microfluidics.

Quentin Jochyms, CTO and co-founder of Emulseo, explained: “FluoSurf was developed and optimized specifically for droplet-based microfluidics applications, and will meet the demand for a biocompatible surfactant that provides batch-to-batch reproducibility.”

FluoSurf is compatible with a wide selection of reagents in the droplet phase that would disrupt the stability of emulsions formed with traditional stabilisers and is ideal for applications in fields such as droplet formation and microencapsulation.

This copolymer comprises amphiphilic polymer blocks that allow stabilization of the interface between aqueous droplets and fluorinated oils, with improved performance compared to competitor products. It offers fast droplet formation rates and enables the creation of highly stable emulsions of a broad range of monodisperse droplet sizes that can be readily broken when desired.

Dr Florine Maes, CEO and co-founder of Emulseo, added: “It is a pleasure to join forces with Dolomite Microfluidics to bring FluoSurf to market, benefitting customers globally who are working in the field of droplet microfluidics.”