Drug delivery collaboration

RGi has been working closely with Nemaura on the design and development of solid dose micro injectors, creating designs that are intuitive and easy to use

Nemaura Pharma, a private specialist biotech company who have developed several advanced skin drug delivery systems with clinical needs in mind, aims to produce devices that are minimally invasive and cost-effective.

RGi has worked closely with Nemaura designing and prototyping solid dose micro injectors. Self-administration by sensitive or very young users requires design and product characteristics that are friendly and non-threatening.

Given the nature of the patient profile, sensitive user centred design can be a very important factor in improving uptake and compliance.

Good design can reduce anxiety, which in turn reduces negative feelings towards self-administration, however as well as dealing with matters of perception, Nemaura was looking for features that actually helped to reduce both pain and the anticipation of pain.

RGi developed a contact surface that has an array of blunted triangular forms, helping to distract and reduce the sensation of the needle prick.

It also designed the single use mechanism components to be ultra low cost, to automatically inject at the correct force and speed, then to retract to remove risk of needle stick or secondary use.