ERS Genomics signs deal with Applied StemCell


ERS Genomics holds an exclusive worldwide license from Dr Charpentier to the foundational patents covering CRISPR/Cas9

ERS Genomics signs deal with Applied StemCell

ERS Genomics, which was formed to provide broad access to the foundational CRISPR/Cas9 IP co-owned by Dr Emmanuelle Charpentier, has signed an agreement with Applied StemCell, a provider of stem cell, animal model, antibody discovery services and reagents.

ERS provides licenses to its technology for internal research and commercialization of research tools, kits, reagents and genetically modified cell lines and organisms.

Applied StemCell is a California based biotech company with a goal of advancing gene editing and stem cell research worldwide. Applied StemCell offer preclinical research services including cell and animal model generation, antibody discovery, and preclinical assay services to support cell/gene product development.

“Applied StemCell has been a leading stem cell company I have followed for many years," stated Eric Rhodes, CEO of ERS Genomics. “It is exciting to see their expertise in cell and animal models being combined with the power of CRISPR gene editing."

“We are extremely excited to build on the strength of our existing platform while investing our R&D in emerging technologies to drive our future growth,” stated Ruby Tsai, CEO of Applied StemCell.

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Financial details of the agreement are not disclosed.