Entry level ultracentrifuge joins Beckman Coulter Optima series

Can be used in the separation of sub-cellular particles

The Optima MAX-TL tabletop ultracentrifuge

The Optima MAX-TL tabletop ultracentrifuge, an entry level instrument from Beckman Coulter Life Sciences, has been added to the Optima range of floor and tabletop ultracentrifuges.

Users can set multiple programmes of up to five steps each using a full-colour LCD touch-screen accessible in nine languages.

Fully compatible with Beckman Coulter TL labware and fixed-angle, swinging bucket and unique near-vertical tube rotors, the Optima MAX-TL can be used in the separation of sub-cellular particles, viruses and viral particles, rate-zonal separation of proteins in sucrose gradient, separation of lipoproteins, pelleting of RNA through a CsCl gradient, isopycnic separation of plasmid DNA and others.

Temperatures can be set from 0–40°C in 1°C increments, and controlled within ±2°C of set point (after equilibrium). The units operate in ambient temperatures from 15–35°C. Thermoelectric refrigeration eliminates CFCs and ODCs. The maximum speed is 120,000rpm.

Beckman Coulter Optima MAX-TL ultracentrifuges fit in a standard BioSafety hood, include HEPA filtration (filter available separately), and can use BioSafe centrifuge tubes and fluid containment annulus rotors. Operating sound level is <47dBa.