Eurostars grant awarded to international consortium for development of novel treatment for clotting disorders

Published: 18-Jan-2016

Consortium includes Antitope, a subsidiary of Abzena

A grant for €1.9m has been awarded under the Eurostars programme to a consortium that comprises a subsidiary of Abzena, a life sciences group providing services and technologies to enable development and manufacture of biopharmaceutical products.

This subsidiary, Antitope, a provider of immunogenicity assessment, protein engineering to create humanised antibodies and deimmunised therapeutic proteins, and cell line development, joins Dutch biopharmaceutical companies Prothix and Aristi Biotech, the University Medical Centre Utrecht (UMCU, the Netherlands) and GenOway, a French biotechnology firm.

The consortium is developing a novel treatment for clotting disorders, targeting antithrombin III, a protein which inhibits blood clotting. Members will provide their expertise to produce humanised monoclonal antibody candidates that bind antithrombin III, undertake preclinical proof of concept studies and develop a cell line for the manufacture of the selected lead candidate. This novel antibody has the potential to both prevent and treat bleeding in patients with disorders such as haemophilia, the consortium said.

Neil Butt, VP Business Development, Abzena, said: 'Applying our Composite Human Antibody technology to this novel product will help produce a less immunogenic version, giving it a greater chance of improving the lives of patients.'

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